You Tube Videos: Tracking treatment and symptoms since 2014

When I discovered I had late stage Lyme disease one of the first things I wanted to know was, how is treatment going to be?  I saw horrific videos all over YouTube of herx reactions that frightened any life I had left, out of me.  Once in treatment I began a YouTube channel dedicated to my Lyme disease treatment and progress.  I make an updated treatment video within a week of visiting my doctor.  In these videos I discuss my treatment plan, symptoms, and any thoughts I may be having at the moment.  Not the most entertaining videos, but I hope they answer questions for others beginning treatment or currently undergoing treatment.

Below is an example of my posts.

You can find all of my videos dating back to November of 2014 on the link below the video.


Public Service Announcment: My Lyme disease Story

I was recently able to join forces with two Seattle based film makers and enter the Genero: Shine A Light On...A Global Social Cause contest.  Our team decided to share my story and shed a light on Lyme disease. By clicking on the link below you can watch the 30 second PSA and if you would like to purchase the video for your foundation or event please click on the "buy this video" tab.  Enjoy.


On the Radio: Raising awareness by sharing my story and discussing Lyme disease

I was given the opportunity to spread awareness by sharing my Lyme disease story on the radio.  The Lyme community should be proud and Bellingham should be more aware of what lurks in the backyard.  I was able to touch on all the important controversal topics and answer questions that I get asked from around the world. Please listen to the segment below, you will learn so much

Press play and wait about 1 minute!  It will start eventually and it's worth hearing ;)  There is a silent commercial mid-way through the segment, keep listening it will continue after about a minute!