About Becky

Hello I’m Becky!  I recently moved to Spokane WA, I was previously living in Bellingham WA for the last 10 years. I grew up in Lakewood, Ohio just west of Cleveland and spent some time living in New York and Los Angeles.  My acting career, fitness & health business, and Lyme disease advocacy all work hand in hand with each other, that is why I have combined them into one website.  I will be using this website to support my acting and health management business, and to showcase the advocacy that I do for Lyme disease. Below I explain a little bit about each one of my passions.


Acting came first.  I began at a young age and quickly realized that I wanted to be trained by the best, so I auditioned and was accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts of NY. During my time in New York I was able to study under coaches who worked directly with Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Bob Fosse, Patsy Rodenburg, and many more.

Fitness & Health Management

Next came personal training.  I became certified through National Personal Training Institute of NYC in 2002 and have been training and counseling on nutrition ever since.  I have trained in NY, LA, Cleveland, and have recently trained in-home or outdoors independently in Bellingham. I also worked for Vimocity, reducing sprains and strains in the workforce and a local gym.  I have a background in physical therapy and feel comfortable working with any age range and ability level.  Nutrition, food allergies, and intolerances play a big role in my life.  I enjoy informing others how to feel better by eliminating foods that may be compromising their immune system and preventing them from attaining optimal health. Let's be honest, I got into fitness entirely for selfish reasons.  I stand at 5'0" and realized at a young age that it wasn't going to be easy for me to have a healthy body composition, I was going to have to work for it. What comes third is what has taken me full circle and showed me fitness is only a factor of your overall health.   It's given me a purpose in life, a drive to succeed, and a will to share what I have learned on my journey.

Lyme Disease Advocacy

Lyme disease.  I completely lost my health to a ten year continuous battle with late stage Lyme disease. The last decade of my life has been a struggle.  I contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite in Bellingham in 2009 and went undiagnosed for five years.  I researched symptoms as I watched my health continue to degrade year after year.  Being a feisty one I was able to identify Lyme disease as the culprit to my degrading health in a world where Lyme goes unspoken by doctors. Once I figured out I was living with late stage Lyme disease I took appropriate measures and I am now receiving the help I need. Currently, I realize that treatment for late stage neurological Lyme disease will last forever.  I am off massively high dosages of antibiotics that I spent 2.5 years on, only to relapse upon getting off of.  What works for me is treating my Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, taking specific supplementation needed for my body, and supporting my genetic defects and immune system in order to stabalize my health. Also, being aware of enviromental factors such as mold, chemicals. YaY I got there. You can too.

When you lose your health you begin to see how important it is.  Lyme disease taught me that what you put in your body is a direct relation to the state of your health. It has taught me to listen to my body and know that it is okay to have limitations as they are only temporary.  My disease is helping me to become patient and take an optimistic outlook on life.  I have gained an immense amount of knowledge on my health journey. Friends, family, and clients are continuously coming to me for answers to their health concerns that REAL DOCTORS and all the pharmaceuticals $ in the world $ CAN’T HELP THEM WITH.  Every single person deserves to feel exceptional and that is why I want to share the information that I have acquired. At this point in my life I feel like a kid who stumbled across Willy Wonka's wonderland, with endless possibilities.   My health has greatly improved and so has my frame of mind!  

Lyme disease is a big part of my life and always will be but it does not define who I am and will not be the first thing you learn about me.  I'm far more interesting than my Lyme.

I use my acting as a platform to raise awareness for Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is now the fastest spreading infectious illness, growing 4 times faster than AIDS did at it's peak in the 1980's.  And we do not have tests that detect it and doctors who know what it is.  If you think you may have Lyme disease visit Lymedisease.org for the best information.  Please follow my blog Brew Life With Lyme to learn more about my journey.


I am currently being represented by Big Fish NW Talent.  Please contact them for any major acting roles.  I am continuing to do projects not through them as well, feel free to contact me for anything.