Becky is a real treasure as a group fitness coach! I've always avoided gyms, but Becky was great about correcting my form and modifying certain routines as I grew more capable and competent in our sessions. She made me feel at ease and helped me get the body I never thought I'd have in only three months!! Becky is very knowledgeable of nutrition as well as the body, she is always willing to get to the bottom of physical ailments to help her clients maintain peak performance. I don't know if I could find a better trainer than Becky, she's the perfect balance of personable, knowledgeable, and fun- she made working out a positive part of my weekly routine! I give her all the credit for transforming my body and making me feel comfortable in my skin.   -Skye Saxon


I have found Becky Smith, the best personal trainer ever! I used to be a soccer player and Becky has helped me get back to the body I had playing sports in high-school. She is also able to work around various injuries and health problems I have, and still get me an amazing workout despite my many restrictions. Other trainers have left me frustrated, feeling weak, stupid or in more pain than is reasonable. Becky is so skilled at her job, I can never see another trainer again! I would absolutely recommend trying out a training session with Becky.    -Fiona Shearer


Unable or unwilling to stay motivated on my own, I came to Becky hoping to tone up, lose 8 to 10 pounds and some body fat that really liked to stay on my body!  I chose to have a personal one on one trainer so I would have to be accountable to someone else besides myself, therefore, I would have to do what it took to achieve this goal.  I wanted someone that would push me and give me a good work out.   Becky Smith was assigned as my trainer (I call her "Killer") and I am so thankful!  She was able to encourage me and give me workouts to spark that fight in me to realize my goals.  When I started, I was so out of shape that I couldn't do a sit up or much of anything else requiring the inner core.  Now after four months,  thanks to "Killer",  I have so much more energy, I have muscle where the fat wanted to "hang" around and I exceeded my goal by losing 18 pounds and 10% body fat! Thanks Killer!    -Lorraine Barker